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August 14, 2015

The Magnificent Fuse: Often Overlooked, Greatly Needed

August 14, 2015

wning an historical home can be a rewarding experience. Someone who is willing to accept the challenges that a century-old house presents will not only own a piece of history, but also a unique vision that embodies the dreams of another era. Before long, the homeowner will add to that vision, joining a conversation that promises to extend for generations to come.

But there are still challenges, especially with fuses.

For example, in many older homes the electrical system may desperately need attention. If the home was retrofitted after electrification efforts lit up the nation, the wiring has probably begun to deteriorate. In fact, any home built before the 1970’s is vulnerable to the persistent ravaging of the passing years. With the power sensitivity of today’s electronics and the wisdom in modern electrical codes, an assessment by a qualified electrician is an ounce of prevention that is easy to recommend.

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